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GS Market Media is a digital media and marketing agency that helps clients achieve business success through comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. From the initial research and strategy phase to the marketing content creation and reporting stages, we execute your digital marketing campaign from end-to-end, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your organization. Using the latest marketing strategies, tools, and technology, we help small to mid-market companies achieve the marketing capabilities of their larger enterprise counterparts. GS Market Media is a full-service digital media and marketing agency that focuses on results to help clients increase their brand awareness, web traffic, and leads.


Digital Marketing Craftsman, GS Market Media

GS Market Media was founded by Gabriel Salazar with the goal of helping small and mid-market companies gain the marketing capabilities of their enterprise counterparts. With a background in video production, Gabriel started his marketing career with a small, high-output marketing team within a fintech company in the heart of Silicon Valley. Beginning as a video-marketing specialist, he was able to gain exposure to all aspects of marketing and integrate them to build the company's video-marketing campaigns. During this time, Gabriel realized the availability of several low-cost tools and began to contemplate ways he could integrate them to create a comprehensive and robust marketing infrastructure for small and mid-market companies. And after realizing that smaller business owners usually don't have the time or resources to build an effective digital marketing campaign, he decided that he would help. 

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